Renters must also submit the

property owner service authorization form

 (find attachment below)

Handy Worker Application 283.4KB
Property Owner Service Authorization Form 31.7KB


"To contribute to the
improvement of the housing
stock of the City of Los Angeles

and the quality of its residents by providing affordable, high quality construction services".


Corrects basic health and safety concerns in the home.
Assists the elderly and disabled to remain in their home.
Preserves and maintains habitability of aging homes in the City.


 * Homeowners, 62 years and older, or

 * Homeowners with a disability, (Limited Repairs) or

 * Disabled family member/s in the home needing assistance, (Limited Repairs) or

 * Seniors, 62 years or older and disabled renters (Installation of safety and security devices ONLY)

For all persons living in the home


Household Size

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons

5 persons

6 persons

7 persons

8 persons

Maximum  Income









The Handyworker Program uses the below IncomeŁ limits published by the U.S. Dept. or Housing & Urban Development for its Section 8 Program.

Required Documents (examples)
* ID and SSI Award Letter (age & disabled status)                           

* SSA Award Letter, pay Stub, Pension Statement (income)
* Property Tax Bill (ownership)                                            

* Utility Bill (residency)

Property Type (for minor repairs):
*Owner occupied single-family homes in the City of L.A. or a 2-unit property if 1 unit is owner-occupied
*Owner occupied attached dwelling (i.e., condominiums, town homes, and co-ops)
*Owner occupied stationary mobile units (i.e., manufactured homes)

Repair/replace: doors, windows, quick release for bedroom window security bars
Exterior repairs: fences, gates, porches, steps, walkways
Interior repairs: flooring, minor wall/ceiling repairs
Safety: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, grab bars
Minor electrical repairs: light fixtures, outlets, switches
Minor plumbing repairs/replacement: leaks in faucets, toilets, and repair/replace water heater
 Accessibility improvements: ramps, hand rails
Earthquake Safety: Brace water heater, Seismic gas shutoff valve
Exterior Building repairs: Gutters, vents, siding, trim, fascia, stucco patch
Painting: interior & exterior
Installation of safety & security devices for renters: hand held showers, bath/shower seats, grab bars

All work is subject to availability of funds, and Program Policies are subject to change
Please note there is a waiting list for service.

If you are not 62 years or older, but are permanently disabled please be aware that repairs will be limited.

The housing department will review and approve clients on a case by case basis. They will determine if the repairs requested directly impact your disability.


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